Sterling Silver Ganesh Pendant


$ 49.00 

Sterling Silver Ganesh Pendant

Handcrafted in Bali by skillful artisans

Approx.  3 cm long including bale

The elephant headed God from Hindu mythology has many symbolism. And it is by studying Ganesha and his symbolisms that we begin to understand what the sages of yore were telling us, how to improve our lives for the better. He is the omnipotent and omniscient deity. He holds the reins of power. His teachings show the way to a better life. And it is up to every person to find their own perfect way and in turn lead their lives to the best of their abilities. Many believe that Ganesha was a formless deity, the be all and end all of every creation. The conjuring up of the elephant shape was simply for the benefit of his followers. Ganesha represents both the beginning and the end of consciousness. In this chaotic universe it is his supreme energy, which brings the order we see around us.

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