Lapis Native American Pendant Set in Sterling Silver


$ 79.00 

Lapis Native American Pendant Set in Sterling Silver

Handcrafted by skillful artisans

Approx. 4 cm long including bale

Handcrafted by Southwestern Native American Artists.

One of the first things people will notice when it comes to Native American jewelry is their intense colors, but there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Dark Blue - Lapis Lazuli, Light Blue - Turquoise, Orange - Spiny Oyster, Purple Sugilite, Green - Gaspeite, Black - Black Onyx, Brown - Tiger Eye.

Lapis Lazuli  meaning is a beautiful blue stone that bring self-awareness, enlightenment, and to open the mind to all astral possibilities.

Lapis lazuli is widely known for its purifying and healing abilities.


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